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Sunday, July 26, 2009

KFRose the Artist, the I Phone and Tell Me Where App

Earleton Meadow Moonrise
© Karen F Rose
oil on canvas
I love the I Phone and I don't know how I
functioned without it. Ok I know that sounds
crazy, but it's a great resource for the traveling
artist. Keeping up with emails, a phone with readable numbers,
the ability to show my paintings on my web page and blog and
ENLARGE the picture.
And the new Tellmewhere app from the I Tunes store,
lets me find everything from the nearest gas station or
art supply place to hotels and restaurants and so much more.
The painting I'm working on above is a nocturne, a tonalist painting,
called Earlton Meadow Moonrise. The meadow shows Lake Santa Fe in Melrose, Florida in the
distance. By the way, a great place to eat in Melrose is Blue Water Bay restaurant.
Go ahead look that restaurant up on Tellmewhere!

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Carol Barber said...

And when eating at Blue Water Bay, plan your trip to include a stop at one of Melrose's three art stops: Melrose Bay Art Gallery, Shake Rag art studios or Bellamy Road. Melrose Bay Gallery is reopening in September, Bellamy Road in October and Shake Rag is brand new.

ShakeRag Artists' Collective
301 State Road 26, Melrose, FL, 32666
(352) 475-2924

Working Studio and Gallery space of 10 local artists.

Working Studio and Gallery space of 10 local artists.
Tags: art
Venue Type: Arts / Cultural Center
Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10-2 pm Friday, Saturday 10-5pm