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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vasari Classic Artist Oil Colors

I had the pleasure of visiting Vasari Classic Oil Colors
on a recent trip to New York City.
On my to do list was visiting their retail store located
in Manhattan on the 6th floor of the
Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Studio Center.
I arrived around 11:00, Gail greeted me with some
ice cold water (she could tell I hiked over instead
of taking a cab from my hotel).
And there on a table in the center of a
large room were colors, colors, and more colors
-all their handmade artist oil colors with
a glass palette for mixing and experimenting.

Gail couldn't have been nicer. I'd pick a color
and we'd mix it with others.
I chose several colors and she carefully put
them in a beautiful gift box, then printed out a
materials list for me to include with the paints
for their journey on the plane in my checked luggage.

I paint with several brands of professional artist
oil paints -Gamblin, Williamsburg, Rembrandt,
Old Holland, Windsor Newton,
Holbein and Utrecht.
Vasari artist colors are handmade and do not include
fillers. Beautiful paint.
For artists it's fast and easy to order
paints online, but to meet and talk
with the people who make them...
we'll that is the rest and best of the story.

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