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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Twilight Earleton-A tone poem painting

Twilight Earleton
© Karen F. Rose
oil on linen canvas
Another of my paintings in this year's 4th Annual Melrose Open Air Arts event. 
In the 1870's English settlers came to Earleton to build a church. The church is long gone. But I wonder if on a spring day in March over 140 years ago, on this little patch of hallowed ground - someone stood and said, "Yes, let it be here, to feel the wind, to know the birds and find peace in the glow of this setting sun". 


Jim C said...

This is a lovely painting.

Karen F. Rose said...

Thanks Jim. So enjoyed getting the chance to talk with you at the reception.

dannie woodard said...

My third visit and I seem to keep finding fresh things of interest each time. I admire your work very much and your own comments are very interesting!
Your link has been requested by one of my daughters so you'll be getting another fan.

Dannie, from Blog Triage

Karen F. Rose said...

Hi Dannie,
Thanks and tell you daughter I look forward to meeting her through my blog.
I have been invited to paint in this area again next March!