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Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Landscapes at Ice House Art Gallery in McIntosh, FL

Twilight Glow Remembered
oil on canvas
© 2009 Karen F Rose

I am delighted four of my oil paintings are included in the new summer landscape exhibit at the Ice House Art Gallery and Studios in McIntosh, FL. Owner of the gallery George Ferreria creates and displays exquisite handcrafted Florida furniture and sculpture from natural and found objects. He has transformed a former ice house into a beautiful art gallery and studio space.
After delivering my paintings to the gallery, I had dinner with my parents both very young at 89 and 90. They told me stories of how when they were children in a small town in Wisconsin they would race after the ice truck to catch shavings off those big blocks of ice that had come from the ice house in their town.

The Ice House Gallery in McIntosh, FL a very "cool" 
artistic retreat.

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