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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Finding Meaning in a Pastel Painting

We're Not in Kansas Anymore
Karen F. Rose, pastel 2008
Google reminded me that today marks the 71 anniversary of the movie classic The Wizard of Oz.  Two years ago I created this pastel "We're Not in Kansas Anymore".  When it was on display at Sante Fe College President's Gallery in Gainesville FL, several people shared with me fond memories the painting brought back, of being a small child sitting close to their parents while watching the movie, holding tight to their parent's hands when "scary things happened".
Others felt there was a deeper meaning in my painting, in the depiction of the subject matter, the composition and use of color. Perhaps this was a tale of fearful current events?
In a previous post, I talked about what inspired me to create the painting.
All art is open to interpretation. Volunteering as a docent at the Harn Museum of Art and hearing visitors express the meaning they found in the artwork was always so enriching. Each person's view of art is a unique perspective, colored by their own knowledge and life experiences.
After 71 years, much has been written about the Wizard of Oz. If you are an Oz fan, this article may interest you. Wizard


Maridee said...

Hi Karen,

I love the red shoes. I love the jack russell puppy. I love so many of your works of art. I'm thrilled to see you actively in the arts and now living in Florida where it's so much warmer than Michigan year round. I love our summers for golf and the lakes, beach and those wonderful walks and even winter with the snow fall so pretty on the trees, but sometimes it's a bit chilly too long. I long for Florida weather more and more in the winters.
Really good to see your paintings!


Maridee Hanselman
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Karen F. Rose said...

Hi Maridee,
So great to hear from you and thank you for taking the time to comment about my paintings. I miss the colorful MI fall and a dusting of snow...but not a three foot dusting so common in the snow belt!
Take care.