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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Prairie Meditation Memory

Prairie Meditation Memory
© 2009 Karen F. Rose
pastel on board
In Private Collection.
There is a silence on the praire this time of year. 
Winter's frost paints colors of ochre and burnt sienna. 
Two clouds drift into view. 
They dance before me.
They whisper to me.
I reach out to embrace them
in my memory.


Talisa Selby said...

Beautiful Painting! And your blog looks great as well! I'm still working slowly but surely on updating mine from the BT class. Just fyi -I got here first from your FB post link...


Karen F. Rose said...

Hey Talisa thanks! Haven't updated that FB page as I should glad to know the link works! So much work to do. Like the changes on your blog! Give Max a hug.