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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Melrose Open Air Arts, Painting in the Park

Artist Stacey Breheny painting in the park.
Photo © 2012 Karen F. Rose
Today was one of the public painting days at the 2012 Melrose Open Air Arts. Each year painting in Melrose Park is always one of my favorite experiences of the Open Air Arts, you just never know who you will meet.

Some people come to the park for a swim with their family with picnic baskets in hand, others just want to sit on one of the benches and take in the bay view, some need a quiet space to collect their thoughts and feel the cool breeze, others know that artists will be painting as part of the Open Air Arts and want to strike up a conversation about your art.
A Real Hero
Photo © 2012 Karen F. Rose
And some people bring their dogs. 
And today I met not just any dog. I met a real canine hero. A lovely german shepherd who is in training to be a canine companion for a disabled military veteran; helping that individual live with more independence. 
What an honor for me to meet this dog and the lovely couple who are training him.

Did I mention you just never know who you will meet while painting in the park?



Ande said...

Thanks for sharing this photo and story, Karen. I met this well behaved hero in the Melrose Bay Gallery today. Inspiring, indeed! I'll be painting in the park tomorrow. Hope to see you.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I'm so happy for you to be able to participate in this even! Good, good place to meet other artists and potential collectors as well! And I love the story of this dog. Unlike other breeds people think of as 'dangerous', GSD's usually are only a threat to people who mean their owners harm - or people who are mean to them. I have always known GSD's to be loving, friendly and big hearted, and I wish this Vet every happiness with his/her new companion. Thanks Karen for including the photo of him.

Jerry Stocks said...

How lovely to be painting in such a beautiful spot and love the dog story. I once rode back to Savannah on the plane with a beautiful blonde lab whose companion had been out to Cincinatti to train with him. She was on her final flight home and you would have thought a movie star was on the plane. We were met with TV cameras and all the local media. Her husband who was also blind was also there, and it was such a happy reunion for the two of them and for him to meet her new companion. We live in a world of miracles.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

what a beautiful story. I'm in awe of what animals can do for us.

Maria Hock said...

Wonderful story...thanks so much for sharing.