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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors Factory Tour

Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors Factory Tour -raw pigment
Photo Karen F Rose, August 2012

I have loved painting with luscious handcrafted Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors for many years and as I mentioned in an earlier post, I received a set of Gamblin plein air oil paints as part of an award in the Women Painter of the Southeast First Annual Exhibition earlier this year.

My husband and I were planning a trip to Oregon and wanting to thank them in person and hoping to take a factory tour I contacted Pete Cole, the president of the company. Pete sent me a lovely note and I made arrangements for the tour throught Scott Gellatly and Briana Ball.  I was all set for the tour on August 17th!.
Gamblin product manager Briana Ball, an artist herself, could not have been more gracious, welcoming and informative. Briana, thank you.

She warmly greeted us and then took us "backstage" explaining the process from the receipt of the finest raw pigment through the mixing, careful testing, milling and packaging Then we went back to her office where she answered all my questions and demonstrated the creative possibilities of various Gamblin mediums. 
Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors Factory Tour - mixing the pigment
Photo Karen F. Rose, August 2012
Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors Factory Tour - luscious colors ready for milling
Photo Karen F. Rose, August 2012
Gamblin Factory Tour- Briana mixing Gamblin mediums
Photo Karen F Rose, August 2012

 Gamblin Artists Colors Torrit Grey
Photo Karen F. Rose
"Master paintmaker, painter, and founder of Gamblin Artist's Colors Company, Robert Gamblin has emerged as a world leader in the field of oil painting materials and museum conservation  colors. America's premier Colorman, Robert Gamblin has created historical artist colors for the Smithsonian Institution, and developed Gamblin Conservation Colors for art conservators in conjunction with the National Gallery of Art and the J. Paul Getty Museum". 

You also have to love this company's culture and philosophy...dedicated to oil painters. 

I came away from this personalized tour with a new appreciation for the care and skill each employee has in making these fine oil paints. 
And all those wonderful colors and mediums are lovingly made by a dedicated staff of approximatly 20 people.

Labels are printed and placed on each tube by hand so as not to dent the tubes.
The company's care for the artist and concern for the environment is so evident.

The air filtration system in the mixing area of the factory gathers pigment dust and is collected to make an oil paint called Torrit grey. 
The mix is just a little different each year, based on the colors that have been produced. 
In the spring, when you purchase another tube of Gamblin color at you can receive a gift tube of Torrit Grey.

Gamblin's philosophy, "We believe every painting deserves to stand the test of time and are proud to provide artists with safer, more permanent oil painting materials".

I was honored to tour the Gamblin plant and hope you will visit Gamblin's amazing educational web site to learn more.