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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Coming Home

Coming Home
© Karen F. Rose
oil on canvas

My father was a fisherman on the small lakes in Michigan where I grew up and then again in Florida when he retired. I often think of him out on the lake, well into the twilight hours as he would try to catch just one more. The lights from the cottages across the lake would barely be visible and we would hear that sound of an outboard motor as he would head back to shore and we knew he was coming home. 
My mom who is 94 and I reminisced the other day, about the time he went out into the Gulf of Mexico with an elderly gentleman. The motor in the neighbor's little boat failed on them halfway into their fishing adventure. 
Late at night the coast guard helicopter saw them floating at sea...the two old men and the sea.
Thankfully they were rescued, but my father did not venture out into the Gulf in a boat without two motors ever again.
Come in to the gallery and tell us your fishing story....everyone has one.


Jerry Stocks said...

Love the painting and the story.

Jim Carpenter said...

This is a lovely painting and you remind me of days on the water - but we always headed in from Long Island Sound and up the Norwalk Harbor before nightfall. Only once or twice do I ever remember Dad turning on the "red and green" light on the front of the boat. But I do remember the quiet out there - the sound of the water lapping at the boat - the hot sun - and the sea gulls. Thanks for the reminder of these peaceful days on the water.

Jane Galvin said...

This is such a lovely painting beautifully atmospheric and what a lovely story...

Karen F. Rose said...

Thank you Jerry I have such fond memories of being on the lake with my dad. Hope all is well with you.

Karen F. Rose said...

Thank you Jim. You are not only a talented painter but writer as well. I hear the sea gulls too.
Sweet memories of our fathers.

Karen F. Rose said...

Jane I so appreciate your comment. I stopped by your blog and love your paintings. Best wishes Karen.

Beth Whiting said...

This is a very beautiful and subtle painting. A painting that definitely caters to the intellect.

Karen F. Rose said...

Thanks so much Beth...your comment touches my heart!