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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Weather Channel John Constable Style

The Promise of a New Day
© Karen F. Rose
oil on canvas
8 10"
available click to view framed
Earlier this year I had a chance to visit the Yale Center for British Art in New Haven, CT to study several of English landscape painter John Constable's cloud studies on exhibit. These are small works that he kept in his studio and never really intended to sell. They were preliminary studies for larger works.

My painting The Promise of a New Day is a study after one of his studies! He was well known for being very precise in notations of the atmospheric conditions, the prevailing weather conditions, direction of the light and time of day on the back of his sketches. 
Constable paintings
photo © Karen F. Rose
Yale Center for British Art
New Haven, CT
View of the sunny day in New Haven from the museum window
photo © Karen F. Rose

And speaking of weather. On Friday night, the opening of my art exhibit in High Springs, the rain came down in buckets.
So here's a special thank you to all who came out to the exhibit. Thanks!
I had a chance to talk to old and new friends and had a wonderful time despite the  rain clouds.
The Light Falls Softly exhibit is on through the month of September.
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Carol Hopper said...

I am so glad you included the story about John Constable. Do you know that one his tiny postcard sized paintings was recently discovered? And valued around $500,000? Perhaps ours will be too, but do we have to be dead? Thanks for sharing. Your cloud study is lovely. www.carolhopper.blogstpot.com

Sheila said...

I love that you shared the story with us, Thank You Karen. This is such a lovely scene. I would most like to learn how to paint clouds in all their glory. They are difficult in watercolor. You have done them justice here. Beautiful!

Karen F. Rose said...

Thanks Sheila. I love painting clouds and hope to really capture the atmosphere and sense of space and wonder.
Painting is such an adventure.
thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I really appreciate your thoughts.

Srishti said...

This is really amazing, Karen! You inspire me...

Jim Carpenter said...

Karen! This painting speaks to me. I don't know exactly what the reference is in my life but I am reminded of something from my early childhood - like really early. I'd love to see this in person. Is it in High Springs?

Karen F. Rose said...

Srishti thank you. So glad to meet you through the 30/30 challenge.

Addie Hirschten said...

Very gentle.. this painting makes me feel peaceful. Thanks for sharing.

Karen F. Rose said...

Thanks Addie. That is the feeling I hope to convey in so many of my paintings. Appreciate your stopping bye to leave your thoughts. Thanks. Enjoy your week.