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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Karen F. Rose Golden Twilight, original oil painting at Fairfax Gallery

Golden Meditation
©  Karen F Rose
oil on canvas
16 x 20"
 Fairfax Gallery, Jacksonville, FL
Love seeing Golden Meditation on display at Fairfax Gallery in Jacksonville, Fl in such a lovely location in the gallery along with several of my other paintings on exhibit.
Reminded me of a moment when the painting received a supreme compliment. Noticing a lady gazing at the painting just lost in thought. I waited a few moments, then approached her and asked, "Seems like you are enjoying the painting"?
She paused, smiled, softly sighed and said,
"If this painting was in my home I would come home from work, sit down and just get lost in it ...melt into the twilight."
Wow, did that make my heart sing. Thank you!
Is their someone you would like to share this painting with?
Give the gallery a call 904-384-7724.

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