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Friday, October 21, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Update - Butterfield Garage Art Gallery

Butterfield Garage Art Gallery
hoping to open soon with your help.
As I mentioned in my last post, Butterfield Garage Art Gallery was severely damaged by the storm surge of Hurricane Matthew. A GoFundMe site has been created for you to make a donation to help the gallery rebuild.

Click here to be directed to that site GoFundMe

It's amazing all the items that need to be replaced when they have been waterlogged in an unhealthy cocktail of storm surge.

Shelving, a desk, all bags and promotional materials, a sofa, chairs, over 30 pedestals, rugs, wallboard, new wiring, electronic equipment not to mention the artwork.

Please read the full story on the GoFundMe site.

Thanks for considering a donation to keep one of the oldest galleries in St. Augustine a treasure that it is.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hurricane Matthew an Unwelcome Guest at Butterfield Garage Art Gallery

Matanzas River Nocturne
Karen F. Rose
oil on canvas
6 x 6"
Hurricane Matthew, a category 3 hurricane came in with a destructive storm surge on October 7th to the east coast of Florida and specifically to St. Augustine, FL the nation's oldest city. 

Butterfield Garage Art Gallery at 137 King St was flooded and all the pedestals with art on them were overturned in a river of water that swept through the gallery. Chairs, furniture, paintings and prints were destroyed in a cocktail of unhealthy water.  
The gallery has to be gutted and new drywall and electrical put in place. The gallery is temporarily closed as this could be a two month long process.

Butterfield Garage Art Gallery is one of the oldest galleries in St Augustine and is home to 30 artists. A Go Fund Me site is in the works to help get the gallery rebuilt. I'll post that link when it is created. 

This little painting Matanzas River Nocturne is one of the paintings that would have been on display in our exhibit Painterly Impressions that was to open that night. Of course the featured exhibit never happened as we all evacuated inland during the storm.

This week there was a super moon which shown brightly, so similar to the moon in the Matanzas River Nocturne. It was such a serene vision after the chaos of the preceding week.
To all who have been affected by this storm I'm wishing you peace, calm and strength to rebuild.
A special thank you to artist Ron Vellucci who was the first to enter the building after the storm and witness the damage. He risked his own personal safety and rescued my paintings and I am so grateful. Thank you to ALL the "helpers" who remain positive and filled with creative energy...stay strong.