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Sunday, June 14, 2009

A surprise at Sennelier in Paris

Sennelier in Paris
Photo Karen F. Rose
An artist in an art shop is like a kid in a candy store,
so having the opportunity to visit Sennelier at 3
Quai de Voltaire really set my heart racing.
Ah the pastels and oil colors, what joy, what excitement.

Wait a minute what are those guards doing in front
of Sennelier? I realize that there's lots of history
here...but guards?

Well apparently former French
president Jacques Chirac and his wife live in the
apartment above the store.
You just never know
who you'll run into on the way to pick up that
extra tube of French Ultramarine blue.
I hope he has taken up painting. How convenient
to walk downstairs for a new tube of paint!

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