Karen F Rose My Painting Journey

Sunday, July 26, 2009

KFRose the Artist, the I Phone and Tell Me Where App

Earleton Meadow Moonrise
© Karen F Rose
oil on canvas
I love the I Phone and I don't know how I
functioned without it. Ok I know that sounds
crazy, but it's a great resource for the traveling
artist. Keeping up with emails, a phone with readable numbers,
the ability to show my paintings on my web page and blog and
ENLARGE the picture.
And the new Tellmewhere app from the I Tunes store,
lets me find everything from the nearest gas station or
art supply place to hotels and restaurants and so much more.
The painting I'm working on above is a nocturne, a tonalist painting,
called Earlton Meadow Moonrise. The meadow shows Lake Santa Fe in Melrose, Florida in the
distance. By the way, a great place to eat in Melrose is Blue Water Bay restaurant.
Go ahead look that restaurant up on Tellmewhere!

The Horse Barn and Jack Russell Terrier Painting

To find a horse barn with Jack Russell terriers is not uncommon in the Gainesville and Ocala, Florida area. I visited a friend's horse barn where
several Jack Russell terriers keep the horses company. When I approached
they scurried around barking and jumping twisting and turning in a whirl of activity-a genuine
display of delight to meet me. This continued for several minutes. Then I noticed Gweneth who had plopped herself down before the dust had even setteled. She looked at me with a disinterested eye as if to say, "That's enough, I'm tired."
This painting is not finished but a work in progress. Dear Gweneth I'm just giving it a rest!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dressage-Poetry in Motion

Visiting the Horse Park in Lexington, KY
and the International Museum of the Horse
was an inspiration for me. Once back in the
studio I started to rethink this painting of an
absolutely beautiful horse I have had the
pleasure of watching dance around the ring
during his dressage exercise.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Equine Art at the Kentucky Horse Park

The American Academy of Equine Art holds
workshops in this wonderful facility at the
Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY.
Many workshops are offered throughout the
year in painting, drawing and study of equine anatomy.
Lexington is an absolutely beautiful city with horse farms
green, lush and lovely at every turn AND
if you are in the mood for pizza visit Smashing
Tomato-the best Italian "wet style" pizza I have
ever tasted!