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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Zecchi in Florence-Art Supplies for the Traveling Artist

What a fabulous art supply store.

Jars of pure pigment.
With the new airline regulations limiting the weight of checked luggage and restrictions of carry on luggage, painting the Tuscan landscape takes some planning for those visiting from overseas.
If you are visiting Florence before you head down the A1 highway, visit Zecchi, at Via dello Studio 19 in the heart of Florence just steps away from the Duomo 
Their web site says, "the building that houses the Zecchi art supply store, is part of the historic seat of the ancient Studio Fiorentino, the first University of Florence (dated 1348) that gave the street its current name. The paint store - located in this street for centuries - has always been an important reference point for Florentine artisans and painters". 
I stopped in to pick up some stainless steel painting knives (not the best thing to have in carry on luggage) and some canvas. The staff was so helpful.  Then, what a treat to have the bells from the Duomo ring out just as I was leaving the store.

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Nanci Hersh said...

HI Karen,

It's Nanci Hersh from your blog trage class. I went to Zecchi in when I was in Florence almost 20 years ago and still remember those vibrant pots of pigments. Thanks for posting... your site looks great.