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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pastel Artists in Florence, Italy -Taking it to the Streets

Would Vermeer be pleased with this street artist's rendering of The Girl with a Pearl Earring?
Photo Karen F. Rose
A street painter in Florence with his Madonna and child work in progress.
Photo Karen F. Rose 
Walking the narrow streets in Florence, Renaissance art is everywhere. And as you are strolling along savoring that double scoop of gelato you just bought, be sure to look down and enjoy the art at your feet. Skillfully crafted pastel paintings are created on the streets in areas where crowds gather. The street painters in Italy are called madonnari because they often paint pictures of the Madonna as well as recreating other well known masterpieces on the pavement.
This is hard work I imagine. Crouching in an almost fetal position as you draw and your days labor always threatened by a chance of rain and at days end the inevitable large mechanical street cleaner.
With bus loads of Asian tourists passing this young painter each day, I wondered if he was using a little entrepreneurial smarts. Do you think the name on his shirt is paid advertising? 

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