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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Artist Lessons Learned From A Cat

Studio Assistant Cat
© 2009 Karen F. Rose
Many artists are blessed to have studio assistants. You know, that special someone who helps stretch canvases, deliver paintings to galleries, assist with PR material, clean brushes and tidy up the studio.
Well my assistant, Mr. Boots, a tabby cat, does help with cleaning the studio and for sure is an art critic. Just look at the expression of approval on that face!
He is working on how to speed dial Fed Ex for painting shipments, but is having a tough time with stretching canvases. 

He does however, teach me valuable lessons.
When a studio painting is giving me challenges, he says to me, "Take a break, step back, come, let's go sit out in the sun, listen to the birds and hear what nature has to tell us." Not bad advice.
And by the way, he asked me if you have read about "our history" on the About the Artist page of this blog. Have you?


Toni Ruppert said...

Hi Karen, it's Toni Ruppert from your Blog class. I love what you are doing with your blog and enjoyed hearing about your cat and seeing the wonderful rendering in charcoal.

Karen F. Rose said...

Thanks Toni,
I appreciate your kind comments.

Nanci Hersh said...


Love how your studio cat is a part of your blog. Lends some lightness and fun. Your blog is looking great and user friendly. Can you help me with getting the subscribe by email on my sidebar. I have been reading and rereading out blog triage class lesson and also blogger and still can't figure out how to do it.

Please help!

Thank yoU!