Karen F Rose My Painting Journey

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pleased to be invited to participate in the 5th Annual Melrose Open Air Arts Event

Melrose Open Air Arts
Sale of paintings will benefit the environmental organization
Florida's Eden - hard at work to protect Florida's springs.
Fri. Sat. and Sun.
March 25, 26, 27, 2011
from 10 to 5 daily held in Melrose, FL.

VIP Collector's Preview
Friday, April 1,  7 - 10 pm

Gala Reception and Art Sale
Sat, April, 2  6 - 10 pm
located in historic Melrose, Fl
on SR 26 just a hop, skip and a jump from
Gainesville, FL
This art event is well organized and you couldn't ask for a friendlier, more welcoming group of volunteers. 
Mark your calendar for those dates and join us in Melrose - great art benefiting a worthy cause...what could be better!
Did you know that the town of Melrose was once call Shakerag? 
You might be interested in reading this article about Melrose, FL

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taking the Measure of Mood

oil on canvas
© 2011 Karen F. Rose
The weather outside is frightful and January skies are gray and not so delightful. The forecast is nothing but chilling...cold and rainy which is not very thrilling.
Friends living on the east coast have been plowed under with snow or not plowed for days...this I know.

Spring is at least two months away and some of you have already forgotten your New Year's resolutions!... what'd she say...?
Oh sorry, I just threw that in there.
Whew...had enough?
Well, I've been measuring mood today - time to  lighten up.
Think of the first day of spring, think sun and gentle breezes. Over the hill is a spectacular view. Let's climb that hill and sit in the shade of that ancient oak tree.
We are almost there.
Feel any better?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Prairie Meditation Memory

Prairie Meditation Memory
© 2009 Karen F. Rose
pastel on board
In Private Collection.
There is a silence on the praire this time of year. 
Winter's frost paints colors of ochre and burnt sienna. 
Two clouds drift into view. 
They dance before me.
They whisper to me.
I reach out to embrace them
in my memory.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Need a Little Artist Humor to Start the New Year?

Visitors to your studio?
Happy New Year and my sincerest wishes for joy and inner peace for you in this coming year.
With all the seriousness of New Year's resolutions, list making, goal setting, and organizing that takes place this weekend, I thought you could use a little artist humor to balance out your day.
While on an artist studio "art walk tour", I spotted this "Eyebrow Movement Analysis" taped to the wall in one of the artist's studios. Funny, yes?

And, while on a brief visit to Key West two weeks ago, we spotted this handsome fellow. We had all gathered to watch the sunset, at the most southern point in the United States.
Where's that green flash?
Now, Key West is know for some laid back craziness and "the Ernest Hemingway six toed cats" but this guy takes the cake or better yet, I think he has dipped those toes into some catnip cake. He was just as calm, cool and collected as could be, taking in the sunset with all the rest of us.
I asked Mr. Boots, my studio cat if he would ever wear such a visor. He said "No way,"Ray Bans are my style"!
Ok, now that you have seen enough of this silliness, go out and make it a great day and don't forget those resolutions you just made!