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Friday, October 28, 2011

Planes, Trains and Automobiles - Paris and Beyond

Le Train Blue Gare de Lyon Paris
Photo Karen F. Rose

Getting there

One of the highlights of our trip was taking the high speed train (TGV) from Paris to Avignon. The restaurant Le Train Blue is located in the station and was built as part of the 1900 Paris exhibition (same as the Eiffel Tower) and was located at the Gare de Lyon to showcase the best of Paris... The ceiling has 41 paintings of places you visit by train. 
Look closely, can you catch a glimpse of Coco Channel, Brigitte Bardot or Dali seated at one of the tables? They were once frequent patrons of the this restaurant. 

Fast forward to the Avignon TVG station where I saw no paintings hanging on the walls, but the station is a work of art itself, with sleek modern high speed trains that will spirit you to Paris at speeds of 185 miles per hour.

Travelers at TGV Avignon
Photo Karen F. Rose
May I just say that part of the art of driving in France is mastering roundabouts....? For those of you who live in the Midwest, where there are wide streets and large avenues and may not be familiar with this free flow of traffic concept, let's just say that instead of a four way stop you enter the outer lane of the circle and pray that someone will let you exit when you need to!!!
I think in Provence, there were roundabouts at every intersection.
Concept Car Art
photo Karen F. Rose
Much to my husband's regret, this was not our rental car while we were traveling but is a work of "car art" in a Paris showroom.

Planes - Waiting to board a plane in Jacksonville International airport, you notice the large mural at the end of the terminal, 
Art at the Jacksonville International Airport
Photo Karen F. Rose

Can't help wondering, "That guy must be flying first class cause he will never fit in a coach seat. Don't you just love that image!
Must also say the art in the Atlanta airport international terminal that welcomes you as you come back to the states and head into customs and passport control is magnificent. What a Welcome Home!

My birthday trip was so memorable and as promised, if you are a subscriber to my blog and made a comment on these Paris and Beyond posts, I will put your name in a "beret" and choose a winner from all the names as a thank you to you for "contributing to my blog". So don't forget to subscribe!


Kathy Cousart said...

Amazing that we both have the same title for our blog posts today....How often could that happen? Creative minds think alike? Have really enjoyed experiencing your birthday trip right along with you. Very special indeed. Great job on the journal and I know you have enjoyed writing it. Fun to have a Beret to pick the name out of. Keeping in the spirit the whole way through!

Nanci Hersh said...

I love seeing your Paris posts and photos Karen, they truly capture the charm of Europe. Plus you always throw in some interesting tidbits...I am ready to book my flight (along with a train ticket as well) What a fabulous birthday celebration!