Karen F Rose My Painting Journey

Friday, May 31, 2013

Karen F. Rose Paintings at Gainesville Eye Physicians Tioga Town Center

Gainesville Eye Physicians
Tioga Town Center
Newberry, FL
Karen F. Rose Featured Artist Exhibit
June and July 2013
Happy to have six of my paintings on display. Stop by and tell them I sent you! They will be happy to help you select just the perfect eyeglass frame for you.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Anchored Friends

© Karen F. Rose
oil on canvas
6x6" 12 x 12"
This painting is a reflection on of all those friends in your life who are anchored.
What a peaceful and calming presence they are.
You know the ones who are your "ship out on the ocean".
To all of you...thank you.
Hope I am there for you too.

Friday, May 10, 2013

White Camellias, the Gift of Southern Living

White Camellias
© Karen F. Rose
oil on canvas
8 x 8"

In the northern states this year, the white you saw in winter months was snow falling in record amounts.

Here in Florida, January, February and March saw a profusion of white too... the  delicate buds and blossoms of beautiful white camellias.

Want to give a gift of southern living? Perhaps a snow bird you know would love an original oil painting as a lovely reminder of their "winter holidays" in Florida.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Salutations Spring

© Karen F. Rose

oil on canvas
6 x 6"
12 x 12" framed 
In spring when all the dogwood, crabapple and cherry trees are admired and receiving praise for their fragrant and delicate blossoms, the oak tree stands tall and proud on the hill.
Perhaps there is a message in this painting for you or someone close to you.
If you would like to gift this painting as a special graduation or Mother's Day present click here to visit my web site where you can purchase the painting using the secure Paypal link.
Happy Spring!