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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Light Lies Softly

The Light Lies Softly
© Karen F Rose
High Springs Art Co-op
High Springs, Fl
on exhibit through September

Here's a peek at my featured artist exhibit at High Springs Art Co-op in High Springs, FL.
The opening night was so much fun and I appreciate each and everyone that came out on opening night.
There are 18 paintings, pastels and one archival print of mine on exhibit. This gallery is a co-op of talented friendly artists and so enthusiastic. What a joy to be there.
The gallery is chock full of art and each artist has a wall space that rotates every several months. When you walk in the door you will immediately see the space for the Artist of the Month.
The gallery is hung in a Salon Style. Here's a rather interesting article about the history of this type of display: Salon Style


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous display of your work....looks so nice hung together. You must be pleased....makes me want to re-discover soft pastels and persevere with oils.

Sandra Kavanaugh said...

A great article - thanks for sharing.

Karen F. Rose said...

Thanks so muchMaggie! I was very pleased especially with the hanging system the gallery has in place. Rods from the ceiling.

Karen F. Rose said...

Sandra I have a new post with a video link on the salon style which you might enjoy. It's on today's post.