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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gator Themed Art Show at Ice House Gallery In McIntosh Opens Nov. 5

Gators, Gators and more Gators.

George Ferreira is putting together a not to be missed art exhibit. Mark your calendars for the opening of this show Nov 5 at the Ice House Gallery. Gators in all shapes and forms will be the artistic theme chomp ....chomp.
What is my entry into this exhibit? Well...it is on the humorous side, a drawing on archival paper. But more on that later.
Wonder if any of you have had a first hand experience with alligators? If you want one, visit the La Chua Trail in Paynes Prairie State Preserve Park just outside of Gainesville, FL.
You will see hundreds of gators sunning themselves on the trail. There is no fence separating you from these fellows so ...watch your step and mind the small dogs and children.
But then if you want a different kind of gator experience, on any given football Saturday, there are thousands of them in the Swamp!

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