Karen F Rose My Painting Journey

Sunday, November 1, 2009

On the Prairie Looking West

Looking West, Karen F Rose,
8x8",oil on canvas
© 2009
One of three paintings to be displayed at the
upcoming exhibit Small Works, Big Ideas,Thinking
Inside the Box at the Melrose Bay Gallery,
in Melrose, Fl.
For this show each artist is given a display
"box" space-18" x 42" and a requirement that no
painting plus frame is larger than 12x12".
So you get it right? We have to think "inside"
the box.
Like Atlantic Nocturne, (posted on Oct. 20.),
this painting has a softening of
focus and hint of form leaving room
for the viewer to look and linger within
the the frame at it's quiet veil of color yet
connect with their own memory.
My hope is to take you outside the box.
Have I succeeded?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vasari Classic Artist Oil Colors

I had the pleasure of visiting Vasari Classic Oil Colors
on a recent trip to New York City.
On my to do list was visiting their retail store located
in Manhattan on the 6th floor of the
Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Studio Center.
I arrived around 11:00, Gail greeted me with some
ice cold water (she could tell I hiked over instead
of taking a cab from my hotel).
And there on a table in the center of a
large room were colors, colors, and more colors
-all their handmade artist oil colors with
a glass palette for mixing and experimenting.

Gail couldn't have been nicer. I'd pick a color
and we'd mix it with others.
I chose several colors and she carefully put
them in a beautiful gift box, then printed out a
materials list for me to include with the paints
for their journey on the plane in my checked luggage.

I paint with several brands of professional artist
oil paints -Gamblin, Williamsburg, Rembrandt,
Old Holland, Windsor Newton,
Holbein and Utrecht.
Vasari artist colors are handmade and do not include
fillers. Beautiful paint.
For artists it's fast and easy to order
paints online, but to meet and talk
with the people who make them...
we'll that is the rest and best of the story.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Glimmer, 36x48", oil on canvas
2009 Karen F. Rose
This large oil on canvas, is a memory painting.
I had been reading the well known book,
Guide to Landscape Painting by John F. Carlson.
His chapter on painting from memory is
well... still stuck in my memory.
Important lessons learned-use direct observation, but
then paint from memory creating an impression
and mood.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Michigan Morning

Michigan Morning, 6x8", oil on canvas
2009 Karen F. Rose
A trip to northern Michigan inspired this
6" x 8" painting of a cool misty dawn morning.
As you wend your way "up north", a
road sign tells you are crossing the 45th
parallel - half way between the north pole
and the equator".
Harbor Springs, Charlevoix, and
Beulah. Hope to go back again soon.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chesapeake Dawn

Chesapeake Dawn, 8x10", oil on canvas
2009 Karen F. Rose
n my study and observation of times of day,
taking a second look at a small painting
I painted at a workshop in Maryland
seems like a good idea.
This early morning dawn scene is from
a painting trip to Claiborne, MD.
I stayed at Maple Hall, a wonderful bed
and breakfast near Easton, Maryland.
Brings back lots of memories.
I can hear the seagulls.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Atlantic Nocturne

Atlantic Nocturne, 8x8", oil on canvas
2009 Karen F. Rose
For the past six months I have been studying,
observing and reading about tonalism.
This style of painting is serene, emotional
and even spiritual, capturing the mood of dawn,
twilight and moonlit scenes.
A move in this direction as a painter is going back to a way
that I painted years ago, using glazes to create a luminous
quality to the painting.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

George Stubbs Painting and the Yale Center for British Art

I was lucky to visit the Yale Center for British Art
last week where several George Stubbs paintings reside.
I was interested in Stubbs painting Turf, with Jockey Up, at Newmarket. (This is just a small detail )
The painting is larger than I had imagined 38" x 49".
Stubbs was known for his masterful depiction of horses
but the posture and the face of the jockey is
just as intriguing to me. So full of character, wistful and

Sunday, July 26, 2009

KFRose the Artist, the I Phone and Tell Me Where App

Earleton Meadow Moonrise
© Karen F Rose
oil on canvas
I love the I Phone and I don't know how I
functioned without it. Ok I know that sounds
crazy, but it's a great resource for the traveling
artist. Keeping up with emails, a phone with readable numbers,
the ability to show my paintings on my web page and blog and
ENLARGE the picture.
And the new Tellmewhere app from the I Tunes store,
lets me find everything from the nearest gas station or
art supply place to hotels and restaurants and so much more.
The painting I'm working on above is a nocturne, a tonalist painting,
called Earlton Meadow Moonrise. The meadow shows Lake Santa Fe in Melrose, Florida in the
distance. By the way, a great place to eat in Melrose is Blue Water Bay restaurant.
Go ahead look that restaurant up on Tellmewhere!

The Horse Barn and Jack Russell Terrier Painting

To find a horse barn with Jack Russell terriers is not uncommon in the Gainesville and Ocala, Florida area. I visited a friend's horse barn where
several Jack Russell terriers keep the horses company. When I approached
they scurried around barking and jumping twisting and turning in a whirl of activity-a genuine
display of delight to meet me. This continued for several minutes. Then I noticed Gweneth who had plopped herself down before the dust had even setteled. She looked at me with a disinterested eye as if to say, "That's enough, I'm tired."
This painting is not finished but a work in progress. Dear Gweneth I'm just giving it a rest!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dressage-Poetry in Motion

Visiting the Horse Park in Lexington, KY
and the International Museum of the Horse
was an inspiration for me. Once back in the
studio I started to rethink this painting of an
absolutely beautiful horse I have had the
pleasure of watching dance around the ring
during his dressage exercise.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Equine Art at the Kentucky Horse Park

The American Academy of Equine Art holds
workshops in this wonderful facility at the
Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY.
Many workshops are offered throughout the
year in painting, drawing and study of equine anatomy.
Lexington is an absolutely beautiful city with horse farms
green, lush and lovely at every turn AND
if you are in the mood for pizza visit Smashing
Tomato-the best Italian "wet style" pizza I have
ever tasted!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A surprise at Sennelier in Paris

Sennelier in Paris
Photo Karen F. Rose
An artist in an art shop is like a kid in a candy store,
so having the opportunity to visit Sennelier at 3
Quai de Voltaire really set my heart racing.
Ah the pastels and oil colors, what joy, what excitement.

Wait a minute what are those guards doing in front
of Sennelier? I realize that there's lots of history
here...but guards?

Well apparently former French
president Jacques Chirac and his wife live in the
apartment above the store.
You just never know
who you'll run into on the way to pick up that
extra tube of French Ultramarine blue.
I hope he has taken up painting. How convenient
to walk downstairs for a new tube of paint!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Equine Fine Artist George Stubbs

Detail of
photo credit © Karen F. Rose
Louvre Museum
As an artist who paints horses, I always love to learn from the masters. George Stubbs (1724 - 1806)
is considered to be one of the greatest of all British
horse painters.
So on a recent trip overseas when everyone
else at the museum was surrounding the
Mona Lisaand the Winged Victory, I scurried off to a quiet gallery
and was excited to discover a George Stubbs painting!

I must have stayed there longer than the museum guards
thought proper, but for me it was a once in a lifetime experience.
If you have seen a Stubbs horse painting in a museum here in the states,
I'd love to hear from you.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Karen Rose author or artist?

On a recent trip, I was checking out of the bookstore at the Atlanta airport when the clerk pointed to the row of prominently displayed books across from the counter. Each book had the author's name Karen Rose in large bold letters on the cover. The bookstore clerk looked at me when I presented my card and said "Are you Karen Rose the New York Times bestselling author?" I smiled and said "No, I'm Karen F. Rose the artist!"
I include a middle initial in my web site address so google can find Karen F. Rose artist http://www.karenfrose.com/
I suppose I should contact the author and offer to illustrate the cover of one of her books!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Open Air Arts Paintings in Melrose, Florida

© Karen F. Rose
oil on canvas
2nd place painting award and
purchase prize award
Thanks to all who gave me such positive comments
about this painting of mine on exhibit at the
Bellamy Road Fine Arts and Melrose Bay Gallery
Third Annual Open Air Arts event.
Open Air Arts is an educational event for
land conservation and a benefit for the
Conservation Trust for Florida.
Many paintings will stay on display throughout
the month of April and can be viewed during
normal gallery hours.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kickin Back in the Park by the Bay

Kicking Back In the Park
© 2009 Karen F Rose
oil on canvas
The big gala for the Open Air Arts at Bellamy
Road Arts and Melrose Bay Art Gallery, is this
Sat. April 11 from 6 to 10 PM.
With over 75 artists contributing to the event
it should make for quite a show.
During the week of painting I had some luck.
I was in the park painting a view of the Bay when
his young woman sat down to catch some raysand read her book.
I was in the shadow under a tree so she didn't at first
see me. (Plein air painters avoid setting up in the sun,
unless you have an umbrella to shield your canvas from sun glare.)
Ahh hahh... I couldn't have asked for a better model!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Horse Portrait "Determined Spirit"

This horse portrait I felt needed a little more work
on lost and found edges. So a couple of days
before I entered it into the Gainesville Fine Arts Association Winter exhibit -
the pastel and I "had a little chat".
But after I finished the painting, placed the
museum glass in the frame and sealed
it up - to my dismay I had forgotten to photograph
the final portrait!
Help, I need an artist assistant!
Oh well...so this image is not the pastel as it exists now,
but it's the only photograph I have to post now.
I was thrilled that my pastel portrait,
"Determined Spirit" of this
horse with such grace and beauty
receive Best of Show in the
GFAA Winter Members' Art Show.
The exhibit runs until March 24th at
Trinity in Gainesville.
There are over 65 works of art on display.
So gallop on over to view it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An Australian Terrier

When going for a walk, joggers would often
comment about our dog, "What kind of dog is he?"
they would ask.

"An Australian Terrier", we'd smile and say.
On this cold day I am reminded of him.
After 14 years of our walks in the all kinds of weather,
we miss him.

Friday, January 16, 2009

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

This painting was created in response to concerns
about our current economic climate and as my reaction
to the hearings of officials going before Congress
asking for bailouts.
Just like Dorothy
we are in a strange land and - we just want to go home.

The painting is on display in the President's
Gallery at Santa Fe College in the 2009 Florida

Open Juried Exhibit until March 5.
Look for it, as you exit the gallery -on your way home.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Edgar Degas Pastel Box -1870

Photo © 2008 Karen F. Rose
A selection of over 500 H. Roche pastels from
La Maison du Pastel
on display at the musee d'Orsay
Photo ©  2008 Karen F. Rose
Edgar Degas pastel box from 1870. With all those
pastels- how to choose?

Photo © 2008 Karen F. Rose
Whenever I am involved in a workshop students
always buzz with conversation about equipment.
prochade boxes, the best easel to use
and their favorite brush or pastel.
Can you just imagine Edgar Degas with this
small little box of pastels at the Paris Opera!