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Friday, June 18, 2021

A Note From My Art Studio -The Stars and Stripes Forever

 In Reverence 30" x 48" 
oil on canvas

My last post to this blog was a year ago. 

We were in the midst of the pandemic and just today I read that Europe will be opened to travel again. Thank goodness. 

During this past year I spent many early mornings catching the sun rise out of the Atlantic Ocean.

The morning sun and the sea create a lovely envelope of atmosphere that embraces you in warmth.

We needed that warmth a year ago and we need it now.

As the 4th of July approaches, I hope that you will have the good fortune of being with friends and family  watching fireworks and appreciating our great nation. 

We have much to celebrate.

And I hope, wherever you are, they play The Stars and Stripes Forever by John Phillip Sousa.

Here's a link. Be sure to turn the volume up during the piccolo section.


Happy 4th of July.


Saturday, July 4, 2020

Just One More

Shrimp boats on the Atlantic
My predawn view of small shrimp boats on the Atlantic with their lights twinkling on the horizon gave me a minute to pause and think of my dad.
My father would fish on small lakes in Michigan where I grew up and then again in Florida when he retired. I often think of him out on the lake, well into the twilight hours as he would try to catch "just one more". The lights from the cottages across the lake would barely be visible and we would hear that sound of an outboard motor as he would head back to shore and we knew he was coming home. 

Years ago when my mom was 94, we reminisced about the time my father  went out into the Gulf of Mexico with an elderly gentleman neighbor, one of his fishing buddies.
The motor in the neighbor's little boat failed on them halfway into their fishing adventure. 

Around 2 in the morning the coast guard helicopter saw them floating at sea... two old men and the sea.
Thankfully they were rescued, but my father did not venture out into the Gulf in a boat without two motors ever again.
Tell me one your fishing stories....everyone has one.

With so many of us sheltering in place during the Corona 19 crisis I hope you can spend time hearing stories from your parents.
​It's really a gift we have being together during this time. Use it wisely to learn and share stories with those you care about.
Enjoy this 4th of July weekend. 

Beyond the Blue, oil, Karen F. Rose, In Private Collection

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Hurricane Season and Art

    • Shelf Cloud
      Photo credit KF Rose
    • June 1 marks the beginning of hurricane season. Blessed with an art studio by the sea, I have a front row seat to an ocean view when Mother Nature brings the drama of perilous weather right to our front door. Frightening as this cloud formation is the composition and color are just mesmerizing and reminds me of two paintings I have seen at The Clark Museum in Williamstown, MA.
    • PictureStormy Sea, Monet photo credit KF Rose

      The strong diagonal cloud bank, the dark skies and deep shadows in the painting give an emotional punch of impending severe weather just like the shelf cloud over the Atlantic. Monet grew up on the Normandy coast and was familiar with the sea's appearnce in different atmospheric conditions. This painting is so striking because it is in such contrast to the pastel colors in paintings by Monet we are so familiar with.
    • Picture
      Summer Squall, Winslow Homer photo credit KF Rose
    • A sudden storm observed from his studio at Prouds Neck, Maine may have inspired Winslow Homer to paint Summer Squall. The sailboat in the distance, the huge waves, the rocks in the foreground all create a drama that almost makes the viewer want to run for a dramamine. 
    • Afternoon squalls are almost a daily occurrence in the summer months in Florida. Hopefully we won't have a tough hurricane season in 2020. This year has given us enough already!
      During the last hurricane when we were required to evacuate, we were forced to pick and choose what essential items to take with us.  I have a few out of print art books that I cherish but  I could not pack them and take them with us.
      Give that some thought as you make your hurricane preparedness plans. What are you taking with you?

      Several of my paintings are at Village Arts Framing and Gallery in Sawgrass Village in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Hope you will have a chance to stop in and view the exhibit.

Copyists at the Louvre

photo credit KFRose
When we are allowed to travel and when the Louvre reopens would you like to be a copyist at the Louvre?
Mary Cassatt visited the Louvre in Paris, the most famous art museum in the world, to  study and copy the masters. 
Renoir, Henri Matisse, Degas and countless other artists were copyists at the Louvre.
​Examining the brushwork, composition, color and lost and found edges of paintings by master painters is part of the copyist tradition.
In the Louvre, you are allowed to bring your own small sketchbook and draw to your hearts content. 
But if you wish to paint one the masterpieces, you must apply for a copyist permit. The Louvre will supply the easel, and your seat. You supply the canvas, oil paint, determination, talent and concentration.
Just think of the concentration required. If you've ever painted in front a small group of people, imagine painting in front of several thousand museum visitors.
There are stipulations about your painting, your canvas cannot be the same size as the original work of art and you are not allowed to copy the original artist's signature.
photo credit KFRose
photo credit KFRose
But during this Covid 19 crisis, if we can't visit a museum there are several virtual tours of museums online. 
It's not the same as sitting in front of an original painting but better than....
well....you fill in the blank.
Here's a link to virtual tours of twelve museums.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Artists' Open House Friday, November 8, 2019

Village Arts Framing and Gallery
Sawgrass Village
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Artists' Open House
4 to 8 PM
You are invited to the Village Arts Framing and Gallery Artists' Open House Meet and Greet.  Come chat with artists in the gallery and enjoy light refreshments Friday, November 8 from 4 to 8pm.
Many paintings will be offered at a 20% discount which is a once a year event.

Now you know that wall leading to the kitchen could use a delightful painting,
so put the date on your calendar and join us.

Here are a few
paintings I will have on exhibit

Sunset Invitation
Karen F. Rose
oil on canvas
6 x 6"

In the Distance
Karen F. Rose
oil on canvas
20 x 20"

Karen F. Rose
original oil and pastel paintings
October Artist of the Month
There is plenty of FREE parking in Sawgrass Village right in front of the gallery.
And to make your TGIF evening complete you have a great selection of restaurants just a 5 minute walk from the gallery.

Trasca & Co Eatery
Nona Blue,
Caffe Andiamo
Aqua Grill

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach Dine with the Artists- Sept.13, 2019

Dine With the Artists
Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach
Friday, September 13 6 to 8 pm
Join us tomorrow evening for Dine With the Artists

"Dine with the Artists is a quarterly program held at the Cultural Center and features a guest artist talk, a featured exhibit, and of course, dinner! September's spotlight is on local artists Bruce Carr, Jeanne Hollington, Vicky Lennon, and Karen F. Rose and their current exhibition "Curatorial Choice," which is on display at the Cultural Center August 8 - September 21, 2019. Guests will delight in the experience of eating dinner with the artists amongst their creations.
Dinner with an Artist will be held on Friday, September 13 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. This event is open to the public. The ticket cost is $90 per person and includes a full dinner. Donations are requested for adult beverages. Tickets can be purchased at ccpvb.org or by calling 904.280.0614. Proceeds from Dinner with an Artist help to grow the Cultural Center's expanding exhibition calendar."
I have special ticket pricing for you if you wish to attend. Just email me at KFRose352@gmail.com
Look forward to seeing you at this casual fun evening in support of the Center's many art programs.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach Curatorial Choice Exhibit August 8 to September 21, 2019

Pale Moon Rising
Karen F. Rose
oil on canvas
On exhibit at the Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach
I am continually fascinated by atmosphere in the landscape. My paintings are thus more about mood that a rendering of a specific locale.

Yesterday I delivered eight paintings to the Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach for their art show Curatorial Choice on exhibit from August 8 to September 21.
The opening reception is this Friday, August 9 from 6 to 8 pm.

Four CCPVB members were chosen for the exhibit and I am delighted to be in the company of such talented artists and sculptors.

All artwork in the exhibit is available for purchase with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit the many varied programs of the Cultural Center and their outreach of bringing art to local school children and the community.

Thank you for your continued interest in my art journey.  Hope you are enjoying these lazy hazy days of summer 2019.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Finding That Peace

Finding That Peace
Karen F. Rose
Available Village Arts Framing and Gallery

What are you looking for?

Asking that of a friend the other day gave me a gift.  Her answer was "just a bit of peace and I find that in your paintings." What a compliment!

I am drawn to painting the atmosphere and mood of the landscape. Those transitions in the day when the light just begins to come up over the horizon or that last glimmer of sun glows in the distance and I am so honored when someone relates to my tonalist paintings.
This painting, Finding That Peace, will be on exhibit at the Winter Evening Artists' Open House this Friday and Saturday Jan. 25 and 26 at Village Arts Framing and Gallery in Sawgrass Village in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Hope you will stop by the gallery. I would love to talk with you about my art.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

This Blog is Moving Down the Road

Road to the Barn
Karen F. Rose
So after 10 years of writing here on Blogger... My Painting Journal will have a new address.
If you enjoy seeing my paintings and my ramblings, please mosey on over to my web site


Enter your name and email there so you will continue to receive my posts.

Thanks for following me here all these years. I've enjoyed sharing my art and receiving your comments. See ya over on the my web site. Let the conversation continue.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Stand Tall, Speak Softly oil painting

Stand Tall, Speak Softly
Karen F Rose
oil on panel
Village Arts Framing and Gallery
What is it in the landscape that makes you pause for a moment and really take notice of your surroundings? A few years ago I was traveling to Melrose, Florida and saw a grove of pine trees with a bulldozer fast approaching to clear the land for a new overpass.  Later that day on my way home the trees were gone.

Stand Tall, Speak Softly is a view of three palm trees that have survived storms and hurricane Matthew and Irma. They have a story to tell if we will only listen, or are they just a passing landscape to you?

This painting and others will be part of my exhibit as featured artist of the month at Village Arts Framing and Gallery in Sawgrass Village in Ponte Vedra Beach. The Gallery is having an open house on Saturday Nov. 3. Hope to see you there.
To subscribe to this blog for updates from my studio enter your email address in the form on the right. Thanks.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Village Arts Framing and Gallery, Ponte Vedra Beach Open House November 3

Saturday, November 3, 2018
Open House
1 to 5 pm

Cooler weather is definately in the air here on the east coast of Florida. Brisk temperature always remind me of glorious tree colors of living "up north" in Connecticut and Michigan.

The beautiful hues of a moon rise over a Florida marsh are also a sight to see. Mark your calendars for the full moon in a few days on 24th.

I am honored to be the artist of the month at Village Arts Framing and Gallery in Sawgrass Village in Ponte Vedra Beach during the month of November.  The gallery will be having an Artists' Open House on Saturday, November 3 from 1 to 5 pm. If you are in the area hope you will stop by and say hello.

Pleased to see the gallery's ad in the November issue of OCL  (Old City Life) magazine.  This painting Marsh Moonrise was inspired by the view of Paynes Praire in Gainesville, FL.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Hurricane Michael Fundraiser for Florida's Forgotten Coast

Twilight Shore Bird
Karen F. Rose
6 x 6"
oil on board
Going live on Sunday, Oct 21 at 7 pm EST at https://www.32auctions.com/NotForgotten2018
175 professional artists from around the country have each donated a painting to this online auction to help raise funds for hurricane relief efforts on Florida's Forgotten Coast.

My painting Shore Bird Twilight, oil,6 x 6" with gold wood frame will be one of the paintings up for auction. The auction will last from October 21 to Sunday, October 28th. 

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Jacksonville Pink Ribbon Golf Classic fundraiser party

Friendship Rose
Karen F. Rose
donation to Pink Ribbon fundraiser
12.5 x 12.5"
I am participating in the Pink Ribbon Jacksonville fundraiser for breast cancer research which takes place on October 11, 2018.
This year it's in honor of a dear friend who recently was diagnosed with breast cancer.

At the fundraiser participants will bid on donated artwork and 100% of proceeds will go to the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville and Baptist Beaches hospitals.

If several friends go in together they could share the painting throughout the year passing the painting on to the next person as a reminder to schedule their yearly mammogram.

The current bid on the painting is $250. The final bidding will take place on October11th.

Mammograms save lives...tell a friend.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Ponte Vedra Beach Fine Artist Karen F. Rose

Peace Beyond the Blue
Karen F. Rose
oil on canvas

It's been a while since I have posted on my blog. Where does the time go? 

This painting Peace Beyond the Blue recently sold at Village Arts Framing and Gallery located in Sawgrass Village in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl. This is a boutique gallery and expert framing business with over 35 years in the art business. Some clients call it the "Best kept art secret in Ponte Vedra Beach". Pam, the owner, is always very friendly and helpful in selecting just the right frame for your art.

I have several pieces of my original oil paintings there on exhibit. Hope you'll stop by and say hi. Tell them I sent you!

Connect with Village Arts Framing on Facebook or Instagram or give them a call at 904 273 4925.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Blenko Glass Company Art Contest

Something Borrowed Something Blue
Karen F. Rose
original oil
9 x 12"
When I heard that the Blenko Glass Company was sponsoring an Art Contest inspired by their beautiful had crafted water bottle glass, I just had to enter my original oil painting Something Borrowed, Something Blue. 
I adore Blenko glass from West Virginia and I know many people collect this wonderful handblown glass in many colors and forms. The cobalt blue just speaks to me and I asked a friend if I could borrow her bottle for a floral still life painting.

A picture of all the entries in the contest is in the visitor center at the Blenko Glass Company and visitors will vote for their favorite. 

Visit the Blenko glass company site at https://blenko.com/  to learn more about this family owned company and of course be sure to visit the company in West Virginia.
Don't you just love The Blenko Glass Company philosophy 
"We all need, now more than ever, handmade possessions that are unique and inspiring".

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sawgrass Country Club Fireplace Painting

Cumulus Crescendo East Gate
Karen F. Rose
oil on canvas
48" x 36'
On October 11th I delivered my painting Cumulus Crescendo East Gate to be hung over the clubhouse fireplace at the Sawgrass Country Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. 

I'm honored that the painting was chosen by the members in the Arts and Sounds Event to be placed on exhibit over the fireplace for several months.

After it's exhibit it will be available for purchase for your home or office. 

The painting was inspired by the view as you enter the club's East Gate. 
Love painting the subtle shifts of color in cloudscapes and creating cloud drama and peaceful scenes we so often enjoy in the Florida sky. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sawgrass Golf Club 2017 Arts and Sounds Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Sawgrass Golf Club 
Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl
April 4 to 7, 2017
11AM to 4PM
Atrium and Sawgrass Rooms

Harbor View
Karen F. Rose
9 x 12'
A yearly event at Sawgrass Golf Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL is the Arts and Sounds event. Artists, talented crafters, authors and musicians come together for a few days to display their talents.
It's been a wonderful few days of meeting new friends.

April will be a busy month with two workshops on the calendar and a plein air event in St. Augustine.

Stay tuned for more details. Happy Spring! 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Village Arts Framing & Gallery Celebrates 25 Years in Sawgrass Village

Village Arts Framing & Gallery
 Sawgrass Village, Ponte Vedra Beach. FL
Artists' Open House
Friday, March 24 4 to 7 pm
Your are invited to a celebration. On Friday, March 24 from 4 to 7pm Village Arts Framing & Gallery in Sawgrass Village in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL will be hosting an Artists' Open house. In a relaxed casual atmosphere artists will be demonstrating and discussing their art.  

The gallery features local artists with over 150 original works on exhibit. Oil, pastel, watercolors, mixed media, and photography make this charming little gallery a mini art walk every time you visit. So spring into Spring and come join us for a few hours of art and friendship.
Congratulations to owner Pamela Keegan on her many years of framing expertise and small business ownership. She is proud own the friendly little neighborhood frame shop in Ponte Vedra Beach. 

Village Arts Framing & Gallery is open from 10 to 5 Monday through Sat. and you can contact them at 904 273 4925 and keep up to date with events and new exhibit information on Facebook

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Village Arts Framing Gallery Sawgrass Village Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Karen F. Rose
11 x 14"
Village Arts Framing Gallery

Rise above it all, capture the breeze and take flight on a gentle wind..... Soar.
So happy to deliver this painting to Village Arts Framing Gallery this week. Pam Keegan the owner takes great care in how she hangs and frames the art in her sweet little gallery. She has one of the largest selections of quality frames in northeast Florida.  It's like being a kid in a candy store!
If you stop into the gallery tell Pam I sent you and don't forget to mention this ad. And remember the gallery is across from the entrance to the famous TPC Sawgrass Golf course. 

To view more paintings, visit my website at www.karenfrose.com Happy Spring.

Receive 20% off custom framing.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Celebrate Art 2017 Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach

Whispered Nocturne
Karen F. Rose
Standing on the beach looking at the Atlantic ocean from a Florida shore you'll feel an amazing quiet that envelopes you. The sun setting in the west lightly paints the faintest colors in eastern sky.
The noise of the day fades and there is just the whispered night.
Whispered Nocturne is part of atmospheric abstracts that I have been pursuing in my new studio.

You are invited to The Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach's Celebrate Art 2017 to see this Whispered NocturneEventide and In Stillness.  And art by 30 other amazingly talented artists. The exhibit runs from Jan 12, 2017 to February 18, 2017. The Cultural Center is open from 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. Sat 10 to 4. After hour appointments are available and their phone number is 904 280 0614. The Center is located at 50 Executive Way just off A1A in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

If you're making your visit a day trip, there are several restaurants at the newly renovated Sawgrass Village shopping center to choose from Trasca & Co Eatery, Nona Blue, Metro Diner, Aqua Grill  Caffee Andiamo

The Village Arts Framing Gallery (next to Trasca & Co Eatery) also has an exhibit of my paintings. This delightful shop and gallery between Hilton Garden Inn and Chico's is the "Best Little Frame Shop in PVB for over 20 years".
Please leave me a comment if you have questions. I'd love to help you make your visit most art filled and enjoyable.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach Celebrate Art 2017 Opening Reception

Karen F. Rose
oil on canvas
20 x 24"
Eventide is one of my three paintings accepted into The Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach's juried member art show.  The opening reception for the exhibit is Thursday, January 12, 2017 from 6 to 8 pm. The Celebrate Arts 2017 Exhibition runs through February 18th.

I'm truly honored that juror Steve Williams from the Florida Mining Gallery chose my work for the exhibit.

2016 has been eventful and for some a stressful year.  Eventide, In Stillness and Twilight Nocturne are atmospheric abstract paintings of peace and comfort.

Often at dawn or twilight I walk the beach and those moments of calm and peace are reflected in these paintings. If you attend the exhibit, I hope you'll send me a note and let me know if they resonate with you.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Village Arts Framing Gallery Ponte Vedra Beach, FL Sawgrass Village

Village Arts Framing Gallery Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
next to the Hilton Garden Inn, Trasca & Co Eatery and Chicos
Wecome 2017! 
Just delivered 11 original oil and pastel paintings to this charming gallery in the heart of Sawgrass Village in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.
Village Arts Framing Gallery is just a driver and a three wood from TPC Sawgrass.  
Well that might be a bit of golfer exaggeration, but Sawgrass Village has just been newly renovated and you'll want to plan a visit.  Chicos,Trasca Eatery and Hilton Garden Inn are right next door to the gallery. The Marriott Sawgrass is just across the street.

The  Village Arts Framing Gallery offers full framing services and couldn't be friendlier. Local art is featured and owner Pamela Keegan will help you find the perfect frame.

Click this map link to view the location 

Village Arts Framing and Gallery

155 Tourside Dr.  Suite #1520

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
daily open 10 am to 5 pm 
closed on  Sunday
904 273 4925

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Solstice

The Sea
Karen F. Rose
pastel on paper

How will you spend this shortest day of the year?  

Today across the sea in Ireland at Newgrange a special group of people will be allowed to view the sunrise in this 5000 year old monument. A passage and chamber are perfectly aligned with the rising of the sun on the Winter Solstice. 
Why it was constructed is still a mystery. To read more about the site visit www.newgrange.com.

Today here in Florida on the first day of winter it is gray and cold.  
I'll be in my #artstudiobytheocean, painting, cleaning and rearranging.

Update - In 2017 my oil and pastel paintings are now offered through 
Village Arts Framing Gallery

155 Tourside Dr. Suite 1520
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
904 273 4925

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Going Home

Going Home
© Karen F. Rose
oil on board 30 x 30"
Thanksgiving is just a few days away and I recall all the times I have felt so happy to be "going home".
Years ago driving home from college for Thanksgiving there was a row of trees just outside Stevensville, Michigan that lined the highway and every time I saw them I knew I was "almost there".
Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. A time of peace and gratefulness for all the blessings in your life.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Update - Butterfield Garage Art Gallery

Butterfield Garage Art Gallery
hoping to open soon with your help.
As I mentioned in my last post, Butterfield Garage Art Gallery was severely damaged by the storm surge of Hurricane Matthew. A GoFundMe site has been created for you to make a donation to help the gallery rebuild.

Click here to be directed to that site GoFundMe

It's amazing all the items that need to be replaced when they have been waterlogged in an unhealthy cocktail of storm surge.

Shelving, a desk, all bags and promotional materials, a sofa, chairs, over 30 pedestals, rugs, wallboard, new wiring, electronic equipment not to mention the artwork.

Please read the full story on the GoFundMe site.

Thanks for considering a donation to keep one of the oldest galleries in St. Augustine a treasure that it is.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hurricane Matthew an Unwelcome Guest at Butterfield Garage Art Gallery

Matanzas River Nocturne
Karen F. Rose
oil on canvas
6 x 6"
Hurricane Matthew, a category 3 hurricane came in with a destructive storm surge on October 7th to the east coast of Florida and specifically to St. Augustine, FL the nation's oldest city. 

Butterfield Garage Art Gallery at 137 King St was flooded and all the pedestals with art on them were overturned in a river of water that swept through the gallery. Chairs, furniture, paintings and prints were destroyed in a cocktail of unhealthy water.  
The gallery has to be gutted and new drywall and electrical put in place. The gallery is temporarily closed as this could be a two month long process.

Butterfield Garage Art Gallery is one of the oldest galleries in St Augustine and is home to 30 artists. A Go Fund Me site is in the works to help get the gallery rebuilt. I'll post that link when it is created. 

This little painting Matanzas River Nocturne is one of the paintings that would have been on display in our exhibit Painterly Impressions that was to open that night. Of course the featured exhibit never happened as we all evacuated inland during the storm.

This week there was a super moon which shown brightly, so similar to the moon in the Matanzas River Nocturne. It was such a serene vision after the chaos of the preceding week.
To all who have been affected by this storm I'm wishing you peace, calm and strength to rebuild.
A special thank you to artist Ron Vellucci who was the first to enter the building after the storm and witness the damage. He risked his own personal safety and rescued my paintings and I am so grateful. Thank you to ALL the "helpers" who remain positive and filled with creative energy...stay strong.